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New IP:

SirJames Dep. HeadStaffDProHead posted Jul 27, 16

Update 7/27/16 12:16pm

Currently, the public server GSP that we run our main

server off of is being DDoSed, as well as our specific

servers themselves, we are trying to get into contact with

the staff of the hosting company, we will update here as

on the site as it happens. Until further notice, all classes

are cancelled and the servers will be down. Sorry for

the down time and we all hope to be up soon.

We will be starting the server as much as we can;

however, please know it may constantly crash...

We apologize for any issues that may happen in

the mean time.

Here is a real-time video of Ron helping us fix things:


Thank you for your patience...

>> SirJames

Update 7/21/16 5:58pm

Hey, we're back up! Thank you for waiting again!

We'll be on most all of the day testing and asking

lots of questions!

So, jump on and have fun!

Thank you,

DPHogwarts Staff Team

Update 7/21/16 4:40pm

Whitelist news:

    Spells and Brooms are fixed, we are testing everything now. Thank you for waiting.

Update 7/21/16 2:20pm

Emergency Whitelist:

    Fixing flags, brooms, and spells. Thank you. Watch for Updates!


Check out our new IP:

The number IP is only temporary. It will soon default to, play.dphogwarts.org. Thank you all for playing! We upgraded hardware in hopes for less lag and a smooth player experience for you all.

So far everything looks great. Can't wait to see you on.


Spredozz o ron.exe has stopped working
ninjapie01 You'd think he's constipated.
Its_Katelyn Ron look like he is concentrating so much he will poop XD

Classes Reminder

Scrimgeour Head of SProfessorStaff posted Jul 8, 16

Hello everyone! This is just a friendly reminder of how you join a class because recently people have been getting confused on what to do.

When you join a class there will be a broadcast in chat that says:

When this message appears you click the text 'HERE' or type /classes join <classname> this will then add you to the class.

Now, to actually get to the location of the class:

1. Warp to the Great Hall

2. Click the class teleport sign

3. Voila! You are now in class!

NOTE: If you take to long to join the class it will say in chat:

4th of July Event!

sn0wdweller Head of GProfessorArchitectStaff
sn0wdweller @ DPHogwarts
posted Jul 3, 16

Hello Students,

Today, 3rd of July 2016, DPHogwarts is hosting an event to celebrate the upcoming 4th of July Holiday. Events such as; Firework shows, scavenger hunts, a feast and much more, all prepared by the staff team.

We realise this is at short notice and hope that many of you can make the event. The time of the event can be found on the class schedule
At the event, there will be chances to get limited edition items, along with a limited edition spell.

So come check it out and we hope you have fun and enjoy the day with us!

~DPHogwarts Staff Team


We're all running about doing activities and all the fun stuff we've prepared! Hurry up and get on, I caught these guys hanging out for a photo.


You all are a  little chaotic, but you're our favorite community! 

Thanks for playing!

TheLgbtCow it was so much fun
bushykitty811 That was EPIC!
RealLukeGAMING It was awesome!!!

Ravenclaw Diadem

Gingerfire425 Head ArchiteStaff posted Jun 13, 16

Ravenclaw Diadem

Hello Students,

We are proud to announce that the Ravenclaw Diadem is now on sale for students to buy, so dont forget to check out the donation store to look at it!

~DPHogwarts Staff Team

Dueling Tournaments!

SirJames Dep. HeadStaffDProHead posted Jun 2, 16



We will be having the rest of the group battles

this weekend starting Friday at 8:40. If we finish

early we will begin the semi finals! The finals will

most likely be Sunday or next Friday! Thank you

all for playin in the Tourney!

We still need 10 more players to join! We will announce

the prizes the tomorrow just before the tourney starts!

Hello Hogwartians.

DP Hogwarts is proud to annouce that Dueling Tournaments

will be commencing as an official bi weekly event of DPHogwarts.

There will be a first practice tourney to see how it all goes this

weekend starting on Friday May, 27th at 8:40 pm Eastern Standard Time.

No student is obliged to join the tournament; however, we will only 

accept 30 players into the tournament. 

The tourney is an open sign up. There will be no year requirement, though we 

strongly advise year two to year five, this is because the tourney is randomly 

assigned there is no bias in the arrangements. So, if a student is only a year one, 

it will be rather difficult to defeat a year six... However, fate is fickle, is it not?

Here is how the tourney will commence;

Students will be in groups of four players who fight in two seperate sets.

The two winners from the original group will be able to advance into 

the semi-finals. It will be ranked by match wins. The final stage will 

be single elimination until Third, Second, and First is determined.

Tie breakers will be in place for any matches that go over 8 minutes.


To sign up, click this link and sign up for the tourney with your In Game Name.

Tourney SigUp Link: DPHogwarts Dueling Tourney

Once placed into a group for a duel you must check in on the brackets site.

Make sure this is done an hour before you start your match.

Good luck to all who play and as always, thank you for playing.

>> SirJames

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